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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bonobo - Silver

Insomnia in the city

Since a week I am trying hard to wind up my own inner clock, to start work in proper way. Seems it's too difficult to cheat biology stuff..;).After very wiry week(13.05 Ellie Allen,14.05 Bonobo,18.05 Hooverphonic,19.05 Caribou,21.05dEus..) which was full of awsome music, going to bed before 3am sounds not so serious for me, but on the other hand..waking up at 7am is the worst thing ever. I have to find a right cure (but not The Cure this time.., and not Faithless for sure..), to set myself again and jump on the right line.13.05-could be a black Friday, cos concert of Ellie Allen was like a pure acid,powerfull and difficult to swollow,so electronic..people was like crazy dancing in white light, so it was sometimes like a scene from horror, which this time I was enjoing much(yeah,generly i hate horrors and scary stuff, but in connection with music sounds quite tasty;)),14.05 was THE DAY I was waiting for few months cos of BONOBO..this band is THE BAND for me, and shame of you If you have never tried to listen them with whole band...once I spoke to my friend, who possibly just listened BONOBO dj set...he seems to be a huge fan of it..but his thoughts just concentrated on set...which is not the right Bonobo to enjoy!Anyway...highly recommended for everybody who did not listened before..:).Last album "Black Sands" is maybe not the best one(well, actually in this case so difficult to choose THE ONE..)...ops,seems I have to take a showre asap and run for my bus to University, otherwise I will be late for DR. Selvas lessons, which are awsome btw ;)

Jamie Woon - Night Air (Official Video) HD

Key's been lost.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute, It Only Works When It's Open. My energy left me today. I supposed to work hard with all of the project for Universty and Foundation, but for the moment I just cannot focus, so the best solution would be go for a walk and refresh mind and thoughts. As my PR teacher said some time ago :" I was bored in
Toronto while studing there. Everything was sorted and sure.I dont miss this place, I like to live in Turkey, cos here u never know what can happen" i totally agree.Maybe magic bird on the road will wash my negative thoughts. Sometimes, we re sure that simple things could be enough, that trust is certain, that there is no need to posses, check,no place for jelousy that can demage every sinlge precious moment from the past. People forget sometimes that words has such a massive power, and that sometimes it better not to use them, insted of using and hurt, crash, cross..not the bridge this time.Walking on the moon.Shame moon is too far, but Jamie Woon close enough to share it here and go outside,think,refresh,forget.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stateless - Assassinations (Om Unit Remix)

Music matters: Starting point

Music matters: Starting point: "16.05.2011 started my new journey..yeah, seems that day I've got one year older again, birthday was never something that made me very excite..."

Starting point

16.05.2011 started my new journey..yeah, seems that day I've got one year older again, birthday was never something that made me very excited. That day I've downloaded (legally!) discography of Stateless, band which is described as indie band ( from dirty Leeds btw...I strongly belive that the best indie bands were estabilished in UK.O.N.L.Y..) with some electronic and trip-hop elements.Powerfull. Precious.Perfect. Just a good tune to focus on the most important issues and try to decide again which way should you go.Being unsure in May is not the best I could get in the middle of spring (or as Turks say "at the beginning of summer")..Being unsure in December would be even worst so..we should be glad what we've got ;). Choices choices....must be taken soon.
                   ".. The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot.."