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  • diet coke
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  • trip hop
  • vegie

Monday, May 23, 2011

Key's been lost.

The Mind Is Like A Parachute, It Only Works When It's Open. My energy left me today. I supposed to work hard with all of the project for Universty and Foundation, but for the moment I just cannot focus, so the best solution would be go for a walk and refresh mind and thoughts. As my PR teacher said some time ago :" I was bored in
Toronto while studing there. Everything was sorted and sure.I dont miss this place, I like to live in Turkey, cos here u never know what can happen" i totally agree.Maybe magic bird on the road will wash my negative thoughts. Sometimes, we re sure that simple things could be enough, that trust is certain, that there is no need to posses, check,no place for jelousy that can demage every sinlge precious moment from the past. People forget sometimes that words has such a massive power, and that sometimes it better not to use them, insted of using and hurt, crash, cross..not the bridge this time.Walking on the moon.Shame moon is too far, but Jamie Woon close enough to share it here and go outside,think,refresh,forget.

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  1. sometimes i wonder that only thing which i'm doing good is walking... ;)